Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Half Full

We managed to fit in two trips this summer; one to Blue Hill, Maine and the other to Lewes, Delaware.  Given the uncertainties in life as well as well as the penalty of non-refundable air travel, we could not have asked for more.  Clay caught his first fish (the only catch of the trip); saw the sunrise and the sunset one beautiful day on the beach,  climbed Blue Hill mountain, flew on an airplane, enjoyed a few weeks of camp with his best buddie, and learned to ride a boogie board.  He stayed out of the hospital and his counts stayed high.  A good summer, which we pray will lead to a good school year.  He started preschool last week, and while Grace switched schools this year and so is not with him, neither of them seem to be too upset about going it alone.  Here are the kids at our favorite wine bar in Lewes...more photos to come.