Monday, April 27, 2015

3 Months In

Clay is finishing up his 3rd month on the re-treatment trial.  That means it is time for another MRI, which is scheduled for next Monday.  Please keep Clay in your prayers that the drug is working and his tumors have stabilized.  The lack of an update over the past month has meant good news, as Clay has been feeling well and has fully recovered from the spinal surgery.   It was such a L O N G winter.  We were happy to get away to Delray, Florida in March for Spring break, where we soaked up the much needed sun rays.   Since then, Clay has been keeping busy on weekends with Tae Kwan Do and swimming lessons.  Both are helping rebuild his strength and stability.  He has earned one star and a 1/2 bar so far in Tae Kwan Do.