Saturday, March 19, 2011

Great News

We met with Clay's doctor on Thursday. Since the tumor is stable and we are approaching the one-year mark of this protocol, we have decided to take Clay off chemotherapy for now. There is no predicting what is ahead...about 50% of children have no tumor growth in the first two years off chemo. So we will watch and pray. The next step is another MRI in three months. If that shows continued stability, then the port that is in his chest will be removed. Since we already skipped a week for our vacation, and the second week for the MRI, this is actually Clay's third week with no clinic visit, no anti-nausea medicine, no chemotherapy! This Friday, instead of going to the clinic, Clay was able to go to school. We went to the park, we walked the dog, we tried some corn beef and cabbage for St. Patrick's Day. The sun was shining in DC and the temperature reached 80 degrees. A great Friday.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Good News

Clay's doctor called yesterday to say that the MRI showed everything is stable, which is the report we were hoping for. We will meet with him next week to discuss the MRI in detail and discuss next steps. Thanks to everyone for keeping Clay surrounded by your positive thoughts and prayers.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Hawks "Clay"

We just returned from 5 wonderful days in the Florida Keys at Hawks Cay (renamed during our trip to Hawks Clay to better suit us. ) It was just what we needed -- warm, sunny skies; several swimming pools (one with a pirate ship in the middle); great food; and endless activities including a kid's camp. Clay's favorite activity was jet-skiing. He and JD rode one jet ski, Grace and I rode another, and the guide rode the third. Grace kept asking me if we were lost in the ocean, as all the boys were soon out of site. The photo on the left is a shot of Clay just after the ride. It was hard to get on that plane heading north yesterday, and Grace kept asking "why don't we just live here?" Good question.

Please keep Clay in your prayers tonight as he has an MRI in the morning.