Thursday, February 3, 2011


Clay is finally back in school a few days a week, now in the "lunch bunch" session. This afternoon session is only for 5 year olds, so there are far fewer children in this group. Clay seems to like this better -- less noise and confusion, more attention, more opportunities to make friends. His Montessori class has 26 kids, and for the winter that is just too many chances to catch a cold. He is slowly putting on weight and his energy is back. He (and JD) are enjoying a Karate class each Saturday. We are keeping our fingers crossed that February passes without any more drama. His next MRI is March 10. This is a big one for us---if things are stable we have a real chance to discuss taking Clay off chemo. Please pray for positive news from this MRI.

It hit me last night just how much time Clay has spent with JD and me this winter, after hearing his commentary while trying to open a Chinese fortune cookie. He was sitting at the kitchen table struggling with the cellophane, while I was nearby in the kitchen, and I hear: "Come on!! Easy to open?....who are they kidding?!" I don't think this is how most 5 year olds talk, is it?

Kristin, I am sorry to report that Clay has moved on...
On our way into the clinic last week he told me "I still love Kristin, but she is married now, so I have a new girlfriend." This new love is far younger (aren't they always?), and he is working on a Valentine necklace for her. But we sure miss you each week Kristin! Here is a birthday photo of our little heartbreaker, enjoying himself at the Zoo (thank you Lawrence for the photos!).