Tuesday, May 29, 2012

May 29

Thank you so much to all who were able to attend the concert at the State Theatre, and thank you to those who weren't able to attend but made a donation. We had a great weekend and enjoyed having both my Mom and JD's Mom here for the weekend for Grace's Communion and for Mother's Day.

After the long Memorial Day weekend we are settling into the summer heat.   Last week Clay and I took a quick trip to New York to meet with a Traditional Chinese Medicine doctor, who came highly recommended from a woman I met on the Lourdes trip. I had been searching for someone experienced in traditional Chinese herbs and tonics, and so felt this introduction was kismet. We had an interesting meeting and the daily tonic should arrive this week.  I am expecting it to be nasty tasting, and have already told Clay that he will have to think of it as drinking a crazy brew from Harry Potter... 

Clay's next MRI is mid-June and I will post an update then.  We are currently seeking second opinions on further procedures should we need them,  but praying that the word will be "stable."

Friday, May 11, 2012


We were all sad to leave Lourdes.  Every day there included something wonderful, and each of us was touched by the specialness of the people and of Lourdes itself.  In a Mass at Sacred Heart Church (the site of Saint Bernadette's Baptism) the Cardinal said something that expressed exactly what I was feeling.  He said that "Lourdes is a place filled with so much suffering, yet it is perhaps the happiest place on Earth."  My words won't be able to compete, so I am going to show some of my favorite photos.

Blessed Mary Statue on the night of the candlelight procession

Thousands of people holding candles singing Ava Maria

Clay and I receiving medals from Cardinal Wuerl
Outdoor Mass at the Grotto

Grace is très français

The Domaine at night

JD rides with Clay

Clay charming one of the older Dames of Malta

The snow-capped Pyrenees

One of the many wonderful Dames

Looking at the town of Lourdes from the Castle

Some of the our teams Knights & Dames
We have a busy weekend ahead. Tomorrow, Grace will make her First Communion.  The timing could not be better -- after spending every day in Mass last week I have no doubt she will feel comfortable tomorrow.  Tomorrow night is the benefit concert at The State Theatre  (if you haven't bought tickets visit www.drumfishmusic.com )  And then on Sunday -- a day of rest  --  Happy Mother's Day to all the Mom's out there!


Saturday, May 5, 2012

Hello from Lourdes!

We are in Lourdes and are overwhelmed with the beauty, symbolism, and kindness surrounding us.  This truly is a magical place.  The Pilgrimage started with a candle lighting ceremony after Mass in the Rosary Basilica, lead by the Archbishop of Washington, Cardinal Wuerl.  He saw Clay in the crowd and pulled him to the front to light the 100 pound candle, which will burn all week in the Grotto. Here are a few photos from that ceremony.

We bathed in the waters from the Grotto on our second morning, and we attended Mass this morning outside the Grotto. This is the site where Mary appeared on many occasions to Bernadette. At each Mass dozens of Priests participate, as well as a Cardinal.  Each Mass is specifically for the Order of the Malta.   Last night we participated in the Outdoor Marian Candlelight Procession.  Thousands of people, walking and riding in carts, move in procession in the main area called the Domaine, while the Five Mysteries are told (in several languages) and everyone repeatedly sings Ava Maria.  I have not seen nor heard many thing more beautiful and meaningful than this.