Friday, September 25, 2009

Back on track

A quick update: after three extra clinic days, extra antibiotics, and extra shots to boost his white blood counts we are back on track. Clay's blood levels rebounded to normal by Monday, so JD took him for chemo on Wednesday. They reduced his dosage and he is doing well as of today.

In light of this setback, his doctors have recommended no school this fall. This is going to be a disappointment to both kids, since Grace was looking forward to being the big sister walking her little brother to class, and Clay was excited to have his former preschool teacher (who got Montessori certified over the summer and switched schools) in the classroom. The school administration was wonderful upon hearing the news, and they've promised to hold a spot for him should he be able to start in the spring. The concern is all of the viruses already circulating, and what the doctors feel is going to be a tough winter. For a well child this is inconvenient, for a child undergoing chemo it means more hospital stays for every fever -- clearly not worth the risk. So we will be looking for play dates and small group activities instead, and our wonderful sitters have agreed to add more hours. We've been watching the "Little House on the Prairie" movie -- they make homeschooling look appealing enough, except the lessons always get interrupted by Indians, mountain lions, and fires...

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