Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Hope and Glory

We are back from our anniversary weekend and all went well. Irvington is a sleepy little town largely being improved by one family that decided to invest in its future, and it is our third visit (the second for both Grace and the dog). Upon arrival the owner said "I am sorry for the reason for your visit, but glad to have you back." I know people love to make jokes about marriage, but that was a bit rough, so I said, "well some people think an anniversary is a reason to celebrate..." She had confused our reservation with another guest who was in town for a funeral. After that, it was all uphill. They got us a babysitter for Saturday night so JD and I could enjoy dinner out. About 10 p.m., we walked back to our cottage expecting silence and darkness. The lights were on, the kids laughing, jumping. The babysitter was sitting in a chair looking tired and said "Honestly, I lost control about 8:30." Later when we asked the kids their favorite part of the weekend Grace said, "the babysitter, she let us watch TV." Clay said, "Eating!"

It has been a good break for Clay. We wrestled the H1N1 shot for all of us from the pediatricians, and are working on getting the seasonal flu shots as well. Round two starts Thursday.
Happy Halloween!

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