Saturday, January 16, 2010


We are all enjoying the break from Clay's treatment these past few weeks, and wanted to do a bit of housecleaning -- primarily thanking all of our family and friends who have helped make the past year better than it would have been.

First, a huge thank you to those who have contributed to the PLGA foundation in memory of JD's dad.  Several people have asked for the link to the site.  It is:

We also wanted to thank the Thursday supper club families who have helped us out these past 9 months with wonderful meals each week.   We know how much work it is getting a hot dinner on the table for your own family, let alone doing double work to provide another family's meal.  Although I have intercepted a few folks at drop-off, mostly these have been silently left on the porch each week.  Thank you Glenda for organizing this, and thank you to each of the families who have helped us make it through our clinic-Thursdays with a warm meal waiting at home.  I am hoping I've included everyone:  

Tanya Vichnevsky, Klings, Forsythes,  Mathesons, Tombs, Ambrozys, Julia Forsyth, Pettys, Gillicks, Simons, Jacksons, Kellys, Harveys, Mandleurs, Egans, Lilleys, Hagertys. 

Finally, a general thank you for the countless cards, gifts, baked goods, and other kindnesses over the holidays. 
-- Mary

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