Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sweet Bronnie

We are terribly sad this week as our companion and friend of the past 11 1/2 years is gone.  After several days of ups and downs in the ICU, Bronnie passed away on Saturday.  Our home is too quiet, the space is too big (particularly the couch), and our hearts are filled with sadness.  She was a constant companion to me, and my comfort in a world turned upside down.  She was JD and my link to the past, to our lives before children and so many responsibilities. She made us laugh, she taught us to love, she was a best friend.


  1. Goodbye sweet Bronnie. She was a great dog, we'll miss her. Remember when we watched her at Eppard Street and she "commanded" Chesty and Daly off the dog bed? Not to mention JD blamed us for teaching her bad habits since we let her up in bed with us. All three of our first dogs are gone now, but we'll love them always!

  2. Mary we love your blog and welcome your news whatever it may be. I enjoy hearing about even the things that may be considered trivial because of the way you write them - you bring light and find joy in the smallest things (not the best word). As a result I have learned to appreciate life more too.

    We are so sad to hear the news about your beloved Bronnie. They are the best companions because they don't talk back and they always greet you with a tail wag. The Busheys