Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day

As I sit here eating my green bagel at lunch, I am hoping for a bit of the luck of the Irish.  The past few weeks have delivered us a one-two punch (if my boxing terminology is correct).  In the midst of our mourning Bronnie, we got a less than positive report from Clay's last MRI.  After several meetings with Clay's doctors to determine our protocol options, we have a decided to modify his chemotherapy with the addition of a third drug, gleevec. It is a relatively new drug that has great success with specific types of Leukemia, but the medical community has also seen some response with low grade brain tumors.  We hope and pray it has a positive impact that will keep us from progressing to an entirely different protocol.   Everyone admits that the current protocols are not targeted to low grade pediatric tumors.  The next round of drugs that are more targeted to these types of tumors will not be ready for clinical trials for at least a few years.  The race for a cure is critical. I am re-posting our link to the 5K on May 2 in DC so you can join our team!

On the pet front, Clay has a new goldfish in his room, named "Pancake."  Grace, however, is holding out for a puppy.  The search is on! Clay is looking forward to starting school after the Spring break. Actually, both kids are excited -- Grace is determined to walk Clay to his classroom each morning, and escort him upstairs to catch his ride home at noon.  We are keeping our fingers crossed that he will stay strong and healthy enough to go.

Finally, thank you to whomever sent us the dinner from Whole Foods several weeks ago -- no card was enclosed but we thoroughly enjoyed it!  

-- Mary

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  1. I'm so excited to hear that Clay has a new goldfish! As far as pampering a goldfish goes, I'm sure Pancake is getting the works!! I hope all is well! Would love to join you in the race, but I will still be out of town. Please know I will pass on the info to several friends. Things are going well here in Togo -- I had to change the blog to (if you're interested). Sending lots of prayers your way! Kristen