Thursday, April 29, 2010

April 28

Updates are difficult to write these days as we keep waiting for good news that continues to elude us. Clay is continuing to have bad headaches and we are in a wait-and-see mode, trying to avoid shunt surgery which would drain the fluid build up in his ventricles.  Waiting for the new chemo to work (we are 3 weeks in).  Waiting has never been easy for me in the best of times.  But waiting for your child to stop crying from pain is unbearable and is taking its toll on us all.   The other weekend Clay said to me "I wish we were frogs, then our heads would not hurt so much."

We now have over 25 team members running this Sunday, and many more who are on the team as supporters in funding to find a cure for brain tumors.  For those running, we look forward to seeing you at JD's office before the run for a quick hello and packet pick up.  The overwhelming support we have received is a bright spot in our lives, so thank you again. 

Grace and I are going to the airport today to pick up a new family member -- an 11 week old Kerry Blue Terrier.  Her name is going to be Pearl.  Cute puppy photos to come.

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