Friday, October 22, 2010

Oct 22

Today is our 16th anniversary and JD has taken a 5 a.m. flight to Boston to attend a conference on Pediatric Oncology. I just attended a friend's 40th birthday party which made me reminisce with JD about mine--a long weekend in Bermuda...just a few years ago, but in many ways a lifetime ago. Recently I came across this Native American saying "sorrow shared is halved and joy shared is doubled." That is the essence of marriage, and of good friends. Since I don't have any nice photos of JD and I, here are some happy Nantucket sheep.

We recently enjoyed a trip to Nantucket with the Hubbells -- a repeat for me -- and a treat for us all. The kids loved flying in a 9 seater plan from Boston over to Nantucket, and the weather was perfect. We attended the Cranberry festival which featured sheep shearing and cranberry bog flooding, we walked on beaches -- empty except for the seals-- the men fished one day (bluefish) and caught scallops the next. A wonderful memory to hold us over the winter months ahead.

Clay has caught a few bugs but otherwise is holding his own. He and I are quite a site each morning taking our naturopath-inspired potions, but they seem to be doing the trick. His next MRI is early in November. Please pray for positive results so he can stay on this protocol which he is tolerating well.


  1. Happy Anniversary to you and JD! Love from the Jacksons

  2. Mary, I'm so impressed with all the research you've done and excited that the "potions" are doing the trick. You all are on my mind a lot!