Friday, May 29, 2009

Pre-treatment tests are done

Two days at the hospital this week. The first, to put in the port through which the medicine will go; the second, for follow up MRIs. Clay was a trooper for both days. We did learn that scheduling an afternoon MRI is not great for a 3 year old, since they cannot eat or drink anything all day until after the test. The first thing Clay said when he woke up afterwards was "I can have a doughnut?" Here he is in the recovery room eating a ham sandwich. Thank you to the "Thursday night supper club" for a wonderful meal waiting for us at home.

Some positive news: The brain MRI showed the tumor had shrunk down to half its former size. Apparently the bleeding made it swell; 6 weeks later it is smaller and has fallen to a safer location away from critical brain functioning. Clay's surgeon said "If only he were already under treatment we could take great credit here!" The spine showed no change - some coating of tumor cells- but no progression of disease in 6 weeks. So, we get a break and don't start chemo until next week. The first series will be for 10 weeks, one day each week at the clinic closer to us in Falls Church. JD in particular will miss the drive we have been making through the city to Children's Hosptial (especially in the rain, at rush hour).

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