Monday, June 8, 2009

Week 1

Thursday was a long day -- 7 hrs in the falls church location. Testing blood, meeting with the doctor, three hours hooked up to the IV. They have an art table and seats with tvs and videos, but it is a very long time to expect a 3 year old, even one as good-natured as Clay, to be ok. Thankfully my mom and JD joined me for shifts -- none of us expected a 7 hr visit. Friday was also a long day as Clay didn't feel well. The anti-nausea medicine seemed to work, but he was uncomfortable with aches. Saturday he rebounded and seems to be feeling ok except for jaw pain, which is one of the side effects. A special thanks to Grace's former teacher Tatijana for an awesome fajita dinner, complete with beers for the grown ups.


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