Friday, June 19, 2009

Week 3

We are getting into a routine now on the "appointment day" as Clay calls it. J.D. took him for the first shift -- the hardest part -- in this week's visit. The numbing cream and the familiarity of the routine seem to be helping Clay's anxiety. His blood levels were fine. The Doctor kept the dose at half for one of the medicines, as last week went well with few side effects. Three hours into it, Grace and I arrived. Grace was so excited to be joining Clay she put out her clothes the night before (after we said she couldn't sleep in them). She spent quite some time packing her bag...this girl likes to be prepared. She packed a 500 page book (The Secret Garden), a video (Charlotte's Web), a baby doll (Holly), and some snacks. Of course she did not touch anything in her bag during the actual visit, but instead went straight to the art table to make necklaces. ("Grace, can you say hello to Clay first?!?")

Thanks for the Thursday dinner club for 2 dinners (small schedule mix-up) last night! Something good for everyone. -- Mary

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