Sunday, July 19, 2009

Week 7

Thursday's appointment was another long one, broken up only by a fire alarm, which required everyone to vacate the building. Thankfully it was not a long ordeal, and seeing the firetruck is always a thrill for Clay. Clay's blood levels are good and the doctor is very pleased with what she perceives to be fairly minor side effects. The biggest stress of the appointment has become the tape /bandage removal after the infusion is done. The needle stick is now fairly minor, but taking the tape off is scream-city with all bets off -- major kicking and the works. If anyone has tips for how to get sticky stuff off, please share them.

While Grace accompanied us for a few hours of this visit, the clinic has signs all around discouraging friends and siblings from coming. They are calling this summer the "blizzard in July" of swine flu. JD, Grace and I each did 10 days on tamiflu -- one nurse told me "...we take them like tic tacs around here." Grace made a poster with 4 stethoscopes to represent the 4 visits left, and when we got home Clay gladly scribbled one out...3 to go before a break.

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