Saturday, July 25, 2009

Week 8

Last Saturday (which happened to be my birthday) we visited with good friends at their beautiful home on the Eastern shore. Ellie, a true princess and lover of a good party, wished me "happy birthday" at the top of each hour. Grace asked, "are you as old as grandma now?" Using my ever-increasing wisdom, I ignored her. We all enjoyed a beautiful, relaxing day.

Another long visit at the clinic on Thursday, again spent in "solitary confinement" as Clay has a bad cough. Six hours of watching videos and sitting in a reclining chair makes for a long day, almost like being on a long flight, except we aren't going anywhere. Two more appointments in this round to go.

Neighborhood warning: JD has another mulch delivery outside our house. Grace's sign should keep all drivers not focused on the road (Betsy?) safe.

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