Saturday, August 1, 2009

The Barn is in Sight

You know how when you take a trail ride the horse starts to gallop and generally perk up at the end of the ride, when they know the barn is in sight and they are almost done hauling your *ss around? That is exactly how we feel with visit number 9 now behind us. This was a tough week for Clay with very little eating, even less sleep, and lots of aches and pains. Given this, the doctor cut one of the medicines out entirely on this visit. We are hoping to have a better week ahead.

JD's mom has been staying with us this week which has been a wonderful help and fun for both Grace and Clay. My mom came to part of this week's clinic and then came back to our house to visit with Inez. I took Grace out for a mother/daughter dinner, and while we were walking to meet up with our mother/daughter friends Grace said, "Isn't Clay lucky...he is home with 2 Grandmoms!"

-- Mary


  1. Clay IS lucky to be home with 2 grandmoms! I am friends with your Mom, Mary -- and I know how much she adores all her grandchildren. It has torn her heart to watch you all struggle. I am always with you in thought and prayer, as I am sure there are many others you do not know about who are all holding you close. Stay strong. Be well.

  2. Agreed - Clay IS lucky! I love Auntie I and never mind spending time with her ;) Thinking about you all! xoxo, Erin