Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Clay is 4

We've had a few busy weeks since Clay's last treatment: a visit from my uncle in California, Thanksgiving, Clay's birthday (celebrated early), and a visit from my brother and his family from Maine. The kids had a blast getting reacquainted and everyone enjoyed the surprise early snow this past Saturday. The sleeping-in for Clay was going great (7 a.m. almost every day!) until Clay's Grandma R gave him a ride-on digger for his birthday...now he wakes up early to play with it. Nonetheless, we are very grateful to Aunt Tanya for putting it together while Jim, Grace and I took in the train exhibit at the botanical garden.

The MRI done over the break gave neutral news-no changes in the tumor size or spread. The doctors say this is to be expected over the course of treatment. While the results were disappointing for us, we are trying to stay focused on the fact that Clay is happy and feeling well. Round 3 starts this Thursday. -- Mary

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