Friday, May 14, 2010

April 14

Last Thursday Clay was feeling pretty good, after another rough weekend.  At his appointment that day they discovered his white blood cells had decreased significantly (due to the chemo), so they cut his dose to 80%. Since we've been in this difficult period of headaches, potential hydrochephalus, and changing protocols, they did not want to skip the dose entirely.  Well, we had a GREAT week this past week. Unfortunely Clay couldn't go to school (too high a risk of infection with such low blood counts), but he felt great all week. What a relief! JD just returned from the clinic today, and Clay's blood counts are back to a healthy level, so we are trying a 90% dose and hoping things go as well this week as they did last week. We know so many people are praying for Clay, and we have to believe that all the prayers and all the love that surrounds Clay are helping to make this tumor shrink.   


  1. We pray for you every day, Clay. We love you!
    Alicia, Lawrence, Patrick and Sophia

  2. Happy to hear that you had a good week! The Outerbridge clan is always praying for you all. We love you,