Friday, May 7, 2010

Welcome Pearl

As promised, here are some puppy photos of Pearl.

Grace and I picked Pearl up at the airport last week, at United's Cargo terminal.  Grace asked me, "Mom why are we here with all these truck drivers?"  Picture Grace holding the empty pink collar and leash she had selected for Pearl (see photo).

From snowy Colorado to 90 degrees in Arlington, Pearl has adjusted quickly to life in the Derderian household.  The breeder asked me "do you want a male or female?"  I told her I did not care at all, but I wanted the one with the 'mellowest positive energy' (Thank you Cesar of "Dog Whisperer fame for that advice).  We we may actually have gotten what we ordered as she seems to be a fairly reasonable, calm terrier...almost unheard of!  JD seems to be the most smitten, which is fortunate because once again he has the early shift (which includes, of course, Clay). 
Does anyone remember the crazy bird in the movie "Up"? You may walk by and hear that sound emanating from our home as the kids have fallen in love with saying "ACK!" to anything Pearl does that they don't deem acceptable.  Why is it kids know perfectly well how to enforce the rules but rarely to follow them?  On that note, Happy Mother's Day to all. Stop by (with a treat) to say hello to Pearl.

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