Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Golf Fundraiser for Pilot Program at Johns Hopkins

Some good friends in JD's college fraternity have put together a golf event during the University of Richmond's upcoming Homecoming Weekend in early November.  The link is below:

100% of the money will go directly to a project at Johns Hopkins that we are piloting to begin to build a mouse model for the type of brain tumor Clay suffers from. This is the first step in developing a better way to test protocols.  Please follow the link and read about the work that we hope will begin soon at Hopkins.  And thank you for any help you might be able to offer -- the fundraising is open to all, not just golfers and not just fraternity brothers!

We have been busy getting services lined up to help Clay acclimate to school. He still has no vision.  Our school district has been very proactive, and now Clay travels with a posse -- an aide who is at school whenever he is; a mobility specialist who helps him with cane and navigation skills, and a vision specialist who has started Braille lessons.  Also occupational therapy and physical therapy. 

Clay has an MRI on Friday.  We are praying for shrinkage, which would allow Clay to continue the trial he was on.  Please "storm the heavens" for Clay on Thursday night in your prayers.

Thank you for the cards, food, presents, visits, relics, and continual outpouring of love and support you all have given us.   It is what keeps us going many days.

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  1. Oh, Clay, may the Lord heal you and bring a deep peace that surpasses all understanding to you and your amazing family.