Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Big Mo!

On Wednesday we received a voice mail from Cardinal Wuerl (in Rome for the Pope's canonization of 7 new Saints) in which he expressed his concern for Clay and shared that he would dedicate to Clay the Mass he was leading in Rome the next morning.  On Thursday the Washington Post featured an article with a photo of Clay and Mary which did a great job of raising awareness of this awful disease.  And on Friday we received confirmation that Clay had been accepted for enrollment in the study of an experimental therapy that has shown some promise.   Clay will begin this protocol on Tuesday provided the Potomac does not rise too much.   Lets hope this is the start of a long stretch of good news.    Thank you all for the support and the prayers.

Article in the Washington Post:



  1. So happy! Prayer does work.

  2. We hope this is the beginning of a flood of good news to come for Clay!
    The Jacksons