Thursday, November 8, 2012

9 Days In

Clay started the clinical trial last Wednesday, a day late due to hurricane Sandy.  My Mom joined us and we settled in for an 8 hour day of almost hourly blood draws (to see what the absorption rate of the medicine is).  The first month on this trial requires weekly examinations and one more long blood-draw day (next Tuesday). Then, if all goes ok, just monthly exams.  Today was one of the check-ins, and Clay is tolerating the medicine very well. He has a good appetite and is feeling pretty good overall.  Two pills twice a day -- easy compared to the other protocols Clay has endured, and at this point he is a "master pill swallower" as he tells everyone.

A huge thanks to so many people who who joined in on the golf fundraiser last week in Richmond!  Particular thanks to organizers Dave Ong, Brian Betz, and Mark Guarino.  This was an amazing show of support and will allow us to fund the project at Johns Hopkins.  More on that to come.

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