Friday, June 14, 2013

June 14

Thank you to so many friends and family who included prayers for Clay in their Sunday.  Thank you to everyone who has included Clay in prayer groups and prayer chains, masses dedicated to Clay, special prayers in baptisms, communions, and many other times that were supposed to be just about someone else's special day.  Clay has touched so many people in his short life, and hearing these stories reinforces that we are not in this alone.   One of his teachers wrote in a note to me recently, "Being with Clay makes my heart smile."

The service on Sunday was easier than I had expected because as soon as they signed us in they told us that children get prayed upon first.  So after about an hour of listening to a spiritual talk and hearing stories of healing, we were led to the front of the room and Clay was third or fourth in line among other families bringing children for healing. 

So now we wait, and we pray that we start to see positive changes.  In Clay's monthly appointment Tuesday his doctors said he is looking fantastic.  His facial palsy has almost completely disappeared.  One funny story: we have been noticing that Clay's hair is getting lighter.  Grace noticed it first, and then other people started commenting on this to me.  He had lighter hair as a baby, so I just figured it was reverting back to blonde.  Anyway, one of the doctor's mentioned it also this week, and it turns out that the clinical study nurse has noticed it with one or two other patients, so going blonde is now classified as a "side effect" of the medication.  I am getting my prescription filled tomorrow!

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