Sunday, June 2, 2013

Special prayer request- for Sunday (not Saturday!)

I am writing today to ask for your prayers for Clay's health and specifically for the return of his vision. Please pray for him NEXT SUNDAY, June 9, in the morning.  We are taking him to a special healing mass with a doctor who has healed many of his patients and those attending his masses.  This will be a 4-hour service, so please also pray for Grace's patience (just joking about this one).  I was led to this doctor by an amazing book that details his relationship with God and his healing ministry that arose from his experiences curing some of his patients, and I feel like we need to bring Clay to him to experience this ourselves.  I am certain that God is evident in many people -- and in some, even more so-- and I am hoping to find that presence for Clay next weekend.  If you are in any prayer chains, please pass this prayer request on.  I have heard that the power of prayer is compounded when people pray at a specific time for a specific petition, and so that is why I am asking specifically for your prayers for Clay next Sunday beginning at 10 am.

We enjoyed a happy month of May and a wonderful  Memorial Day weekend.  Friends invited us out to their farm in Virginia, and the kids had a wonderful time making friends and exploring the beautiful property.  We attended a Nationals ballgame with an exciting inning where the Nats scored 5 runs. Finally, the pool opened and the kids enjoyed the first outdoor swim of the season (we sat nearby with jackets on). Clay has been feeling well and doing well in school.  He attended a class trip to the National Zoo, and he has been walking home from school one day each week with either me or his O&M teacher.  He is on month 8 of the trial and the doctors continue to be very pleased.  For this we count our blessings.

Finally, a little housekeeping-- I have had to turn off the comment feature for non-registered users of this blog.  Unfortunately, some people have started posting their business links or worse (far worse...) in the comment section.  Most of you e-mail JD or me your comments, but others leave comments here, so I did not want to turn it off completely.  So please keep commenting, but if you are not registered you will need to do so first.  Hopefully that will keep the "anonymous" posters away.

Thank you in advance for your prayers for Clay next weekend.

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  1. We will pray and we will have our prayer group pray!