Monday, June 17, 2013

Lunachick Victory...and Marty

Grace's softball team won the playoff game yesterday after a nail-biting close game with a final score of 7-5. This season has been filled with rainy days and lots of cancellations, so we were glad that both Saturday and Sunday's games got played.  Grace has really improved this season and she had great teammates and great coaches, so it was a wonderful way to end the season...with 2 trophies--one for the division league first place and one for the playoff win.  Here is a photo- Grace is bottom row one  in from left.

Now for Marty.  Clay was selected as one of six children in the U.S. to test out a new Perkins SMART Brailler (called Marty) in advance of its release for sale.  Four children have already had Marty in their homes for 2 weeks each, and Marty is currently on his way to us.  Currently, braillers are very much like typewriters, with six keys to make the dots for the six cell braille letters.  This new Smart Brailler has audio to provide immediate feedback, and lots of other cool features that should make learning braille much easier.  This link will tell you a bit more about the program, and you can also read about the other four families that have already tested out the brailler.  At the end of the program, readers vote for one of the children to keep the brailler.

I have just started an "Introduction to braille" class myself offered by the Hadley School, but I am only 1 lesson in.  So hopefully this will speed me along, as well as be a fun project for Clay and the rest of us.  I will be posting about our time with Marty so stay tuned...and if anyone wants to come by and see the brailler let me know.  
Marty the SMART Brailler

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