Thursday, June 27, 2013

Marty Goes to School

Clay brought Marty to school for the last two days. He spent some time showing his math teacher what he was able to do, and then all of the TVIs (teachers for visually impaired) from our county came to see Marty and have Clay give them a demonstration! Of course they all all hoping Marty gets to stay here for Clay's second grade. It is a perfect time for Clay to be using this brailler since he is learning to read and learning to braille right now.  This brailler makes both tasks easier by providing him with immediate verbal feedback.  This allows Clay to work on his own, without needing a braille teacher to check his work. That is a huge benefit at this particular time in his development.  Here he is working with his math teacher doing some simple equations (each of the first 10 letters in braille are also the first ten numerals) and his name:

Grace also continues to use the SMART brailler. She stayed up late to type him a note to sneak in his lunchbox so he could read it with his teachers on the last day.  Marty is enough like a computer that it is fun for sighted kids as well.

To learn more about the brailler read here:


  1. Hello! I'm missing my math buddy but I'm glad to hear that Marty had a wonderful time with Clay! Hopefully we can visit with you at some point this summer....

  2. You are wonderful hardworking people. I am celebrating all the amazing things you are accomplishing. Keep it up Clay!